Remarkable Machine Trapunto for the Timid Quilter

Remarkable Machine Trapunto for The Timid Quilter

Just imagine turning your quilt into a 3D piece of art. Quilting is the only art form that can do this from within. Whether you are a brand new quilter or someone who is experienced this class is perfect for both. I take all of the fear out of quilting using an open toe walking foot and your own home sewing machine. No free motion quilting experience is necessary. Once you see how easy my method is you will use it over and over again to impress family, friends or possibly even judges in a quilt show! There is a mandatory kit fee of $45.00 which includes all of those hard to find items. Included in the kit is a special pair of scissors that you will need to trim your wool. These scissors are made in Italy and come with a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening.



What To Expect from The Instructor

I have taught this class hundreds of times to thousands of students. I have never had anyone that was unable to do this technique once they have taken the class. I give you as much individual attention as you require to learn the technique starting with helping you to select one of my beautiful hand dyed fat quarters, if you so choose. I teach this class in a “learn at your own pace” style. The class is taught in 4 hours however if we have left over time I will teach you what I call “Remarkable Tips” which covers most everything I do in a succinct timeframe. This is a very popular part of the class so I encourage the students to listen well and learn what they need to about trapunto so we can learn Remarkable Tips as well.


What I Expect from The Students

You need to show up with a full size sewing machine that is good working order. I do not want to waste your valuable teaching time working on your sewing machine. I ask to bring an open toe walking foot. If you do not have one of those for your particular sewing machine than I highly suggest you get one prior to the class. If you choose to bring your own fabric for the class I ask to bring a fabric with no printed designs and as solid of a color as possible. Medium blue will be a hard color to work with.


Students Supply List

  • Full size sewing machine in good working order (portable sewing machine do not work well for this method)

  • Open toe walking foot (please consider seeing your sewing machine dealer to purchase one of these feet in advance. I promise you that at the end of this class you will be happy that you did)

  • 2 plain colored fat quarters ( No Prints Please! ) You may choose to select two of my remarkable hand dyed fat quarters @ $5.00 each

  • Large Scissors

  • General Sewing Supplies

  • Matching quilting thread for your FQ’s (I also have thread available for purchase)


Instructor Will Provide

  • Ironing Board

  • Magic Sizing

  • Bohin White Chalk pencils

  • Light Boxes

If you want to schedule this class for your group, click on the button below to download Mark’s contract. Fees and any other pertinent information are found in the contract.

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