Remarkable Fabric Weaving

Remarkable Fabric Weaving

This is the perfect class choice for those groups with a mix of traditional and art quilters. Both types of quilters love this class. I did not invent fabric weaving. It has been around for years. What I did do is turn fabric weaving into something remarkable and fun, fun, fun! You can make a stand alone project in hours, quilted and bound. Some of my students have even turned their projects into lovely tote bags and yet other have used my method of fabric weaving and added their unique touch to quilt projects. The sky is the limit what you can create with remarkable fabric weaving. Fabric weaving is beautiful and impressive without being one bit hard to accomplish. That is what makes it remarkable! There is a mandatory kit fee of $40.00 which will include everything you need to do your weaving project including my gorgeous hand dyed fabric, your choice of color!



What To Expect From The Instructor

I teach this class in a work at your own pace method. Everyone should be able to finish their weaving to the point of quilting by the end of the class. The weaving will be quilted with a walking foot and a home sewing machine, basically sewing lines. If your group does not want to lug heavy sewing machines to class then this project could easily be sewn and finished at home. I give lots of personal attention starting with teaching you about color and how this can drastically effect everything you do in making quilts. All levels of quilters should be able to learn and complete their remarkable fabric weaving.


What I Expect From The Students

Please show up with a rotary cutter with a new blade. I really prefer the Olfaä brands of cutters without a guard. It’s just easier but bring what you have and we will make it work. You are going to be learning things you may or may not be comfortable with like cutting fabric without a ruler. Come with an open mind and you will be fine. Be prepared to wow your friends with what you learn from this Remarkable class. 


Students Supply List

  • 24″ X 36″ Cutting Mat (if you do not have this size then bring the largest cutting matt that you have)

  • 6″ X 24″ acrylic ruler

  • Rotary cutter with new blade

  • Flower head pins

  • 25″ X 25″ cotton batting

    Note:  A sewing machine is not necessary for this class unless you get your fabric weaving done in a timely manner. The sewing of your fabric weaving is very simple and can easily be done at home. If you choose to bring your being machine then bring the following:

  • Sewing machine in good working order

  • Open toe walking foot

  • General sewing supplies 

  • Your favorite colors and type of quilting thread


Instructor Will Provide

  • Magic sizing

  • Professional Steam Iron

  • Ironing surface

If you want to schedule this class for your group, click on the button below to download Mark’s contract. Fees and any other pertinent information are found in the contract.

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