Remarkable Stained Glass Quilt Class

Remarkable Stained Glass Quilt

What I discovered over the years is that hand dyed fabric and stained glass have so much in common. Beautiful colors, striations and mottling are present in both. This makes it so easy to create stained glass quilts using fabric. I suggest you look at my quilt Wisteria, part of the permanent collection of The National Quilt Museum, as proof of what I am saying. You will be learning the same exact method I used to make this gorgeous quilt. You will hand draw your own pattern using my photograph in this class but at the same time you will learn how you could easily do this same thing using your very own photo. You will create a piece of art for hanging on your wall at home that you can be proud of. I will give you a choice of completing your project in whichever method of applique you would like to use. Obviously I hope you will choose my Remarkable Hand Applique By Machine method. This class includes a demonstration of how I make my appliques. There is a mandatory $40.00 kit fee for this class which will include everything you need to make your  own remarkable stained glass pattern.



What To Expect From The Instructor

I will be giving you a lot of personal attention in this class. I want to be sure that the pattern that you make is doable in applique so I will check and recheck your work to make sure that you are on the right track.


What I Expect From The Students

I expect you to arrive to class well rested and ready to learn. All levels of quilters should be able to learn how to make a stained glass quilt pattern and quilt.


Students Supply List

  • Light box (I have a few available for sale. It is a very thin LED light box that works perfect for this method and many of my other teaching methods)
 You are welcome to contact me if you would like me to reserve one in your name prior to the class. I also have two light boxes for use on a first come first served basis.                                

  • Bohin White Chalk Pencil (I have these available for sale if you would like to purchase)

  • Large Scissors

    Note: A sewing machine is not necessary for this class. We will spend our time learning how to design your stained glass pattern. At the end of the class we will demonstrate and discuss how you will make your appliqués to complete your stained glass project.


Instructor Will Provide For Use

  • Professional Steam Iron

  • Ironing Board

  • Magic Sizing

If you want to schedule this class for your group, click on the button below to download Mark’s contract. Fees and any other pertinent information are found in the contract.

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