Remarkable Woven Quilt

Remarkable Woven Quilt

4 Day Workshop or Modified Full Day Workshop

For years, I had this pattern in my head and now it is finally here. I have taken my Remarkable Fabric Weaving technique to the next level and made an entire quilt. This is the perfect class for a quilt retreat. This project can be finished and quilted in four days. The results are stunning and something you will be proud to use for years to come. If you desire to make this quilt but only have one full day workshop available, I will be happy to teach you my modified version. In the full day workshop, you will finish your blocks at home and add your own sashing and borders. I will instruct you how to finish your quilt. There is a kit fee of $45.00. This kit will include all of the heat and bond and Remarkable stabilizer that you need to make this quilt.



What to Expect from the Instructor

I developed this Remarkable Fabric Weaving technique years ago and since then I have done a lot of experiments and come up with some innovative things you can accomplish with my method. I will teach you about color and contrast. Something you will be able to apply to all of your work. I will give you my undivided attention and be there to help you learn how to make beautiful weavings. If the student would like me to pre-select and sell them a separate fabric kit to make their quilt, in their choice of colors, I would be happy to assist. Please notify me through email or phone call if you would like one of these fabrics kits.


What I Expect from My Students

Please arrive to this class rested and ready to learn. You will be challenged, no doubt, like making cuts on your fabric without a ruler. I expect a positive attitude because I know that you will be successful.


Student Supply List

  • Cutting Mat  36” X  24” (Or the largest cutting matt that you have)

  • Rotary Cutter With New Blade

  • Acrylic Ruler  6“ X 24”

  • Sewing Machine In Good Working Order (with ¼ foot, open toe foot and open toe walking foot)

  • General Sewing Supplies

  • 10 FQ’s (5 of one contrast/color and 5 of another)

  • 2 yards For Sashing

  • 3 yards For Backing

  • ½ yard For Binding

  • Cotton Batting 75” X 54”

  • Large quilting pins


If you want to schedule this class for your group, click on the button below to download Mark’s contract. Fees and any other pertinent information are found in the contract.

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