“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Recently I was at a quilt guild while the president of the guild was making her announcements. She told the members of the guild that a women, who had been a member but had passed away, had left the guild all of her unfinished quilts.


Last week presenting my Lecture: Man Quilter with the ladies of Charlotte, NC.

The ladies of the guild were taking the quilt tops and finishing them and giving them to people who needed them. The hilarious part of this story was when the  guild president explained that the women’s husband had had a large sale to sell all of her quilting things.

The husband had measured all of her fabric before selling it and he discovered that the fabric totaled 3,000 yards.

What I noticed was no one seemed to be shocked about hearing that large number at all.

quilter's brain


What I finally decided, as I was listening to this story, was the reason for the lack of shock was because the ladies were sitting there thinking “ that’s nothing I have twice that amount in my stash at home”.


I just got these beautiful pieces.image3


Doesn’t your fabric stash MAKE YOU HAPPY?! Mine does.

3 Comments on “What makes you happy? This is one of the things that MAKES ME happy- A Quilter’s Adventure.

  1. Loving all those colors. My stash of fabric also makes me happy, my grandkids and my morning tea! Keep writing more, I’m enjoying it.

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  2. Traveling and spending time with my family is what makes me happy. Thank you for sharing this, beautiful fabrics. Gigi


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