Mexico City, one of my favorite places in the whole world. An explosion of culture, food, music, arts and crafts.

This is probably my 7th time visiting this city and somehow it does not cease to amaze me. 

This time I came on a business trip, but I always manage to get some time to do the fun stuff. Not that my job isn’t fun enough, but I love going to museums, churches, local markets, etc. I like to experience each city as a local. Or at least as much as I can. 

This time I went to visit the Frida Kahlo’s Museum. I captured a lot of great pictures for you to enjoy them as much as I did.

For those of you who are not familiar with Frida, here’s a little bio:

Artist Frida Kahlo was born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón on July 6, 1907, in Coyocoán, Mexico City, Mexico. Considered one of Mexico’s greatest artists, Frida Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident. 

Around the age of 6, she contracted polio, which caused her to be bedridden for nine months. While she did recover from the illness, she limped when she walked because the disease had damaged her right leg and foot. Her father encouraged her to play soccer, go swimming, and even wrestle — highly unusual moves for a girl at the time — to help aid in her recovery.

You can read more about her Here

Visiting this place was a great experience for me. Not only is it now one of the most visited museums in the city, but to actually see the place where she and Diego Rivera lived was priceless.

Frida and Diego still are two of the greatest artists in the world. They lived a life full of colors, art and authenticity. 

Diego always believed in her, and you can see by the pictures how incredibly talented she was. She’s been a huge influence for so many artists around the globe. 

I consider her art to be very “deep” like this one painting she painted called “Naturaleza Muerta”

One of the things that she was famous for, besides her amazing pieces of art, was her clothes and accessories.

Colorful, authentic, whimsical, inspiring.

Another great thing you can see in the museum is her art studio

If you get a chance to visit this magnificent place, do not hesitate to do it so. I would suggest you buy tickets online, otherwise you’ll be standing in line for hours. That’s how amazing this place is. 

Pictures are not allowed inside the house, unless you buy a permit. It cost only 30 Mexican Pesos and it’s SO WORTH IT. 

Now, enjoy! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with your friends, I look forward to your travels, love of art and color and pperple of all cultures.

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