Since I was a very young boy I have loved all sorts of antiques. What I love the most about antiques is the attention to detail that is missing in the contemporary things made today. For the most part, nobody seems to want to put the effort into making things that will eventually be our quality antiques of the future.


My love for antiques has taken me to many places that I would have never gone if I had not been on the hunt for the illusive “perfect antique”. Sometimes I get lucky and find just exactly what I want to add to my collection. My taste in antiques is eclectic.


On my recent trip to Mexico I found this mask. The mask is made of hand carved wood with inlaid turquoise, and bone. I could have not been more thrilled to find this piece. This piece is at least 100 years old which is the definition of a true antique. I found it at an antique market that is once a month on a Saturday. It made my whole trip because now I own something that will remind me of all the wonderful things that I experienced in beautiful Mexico City, Mexico.


Here’s to what I will find and share with you next!

One Comment on “I LOVE ANTIQUES- Treasures found in Mexico

  1. We have a love for antiques as well. I envy you the places you are able to get to. I even looked up the place you mentioned in New Hampshire or conn? Some great mall! 😋

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