Finding Your Passion

If you have been following my blogs for any time you have heard me say many times to never, never, never give up. This phrase also applies to finding what you are passionate about. It’s not so easy to find what you love and something you want to commit to.

I found quilting by seeing  a donation quilt that a group had made as a fundraiser to raise money for their guild. I remember looking at the little quilting stitches on that quilt and thinking that I wanted to learn how to do that.


Finding your passion starts just like that, seeing what interests you first with your eyes. What happens next is up to you but personally I do not believe there is anything you can’t do if you want it bad enough.


Find someone that knows about the thing that interests you and ask questions. People in general love to tell you about their passion.

The next step is take action! Start by asking for help in getting started. Taking a class on your new interest is an easy way to get started. When I teach, I love to answer questions and give as much information as I can. I want you to love the thing that I am passionate about too.


A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first one. Don’t live a dull life. Find what you love. Learn everything you can about that thing and then never give up.

2 Comments on “Finding Your Passion.

  1. Very true!!! I adore English language and teaching it.When I teach I don’t notice the time flow,I feel young, and even childish.When my learners succeed I feel tireless energy,and happiness.I love learning myself,and a day passed and I didn’t learn anything new,this day is dull for me.I also like music, reading, cooking, knitting,traveling, photography and swimming.Who knows maybe one day I would try quilting because your pieces of quilting look so inspiring.I may admire them and some skillful work of other friends for hours.You have a great passion for quilting and that is great!

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