Mark L. Sherman

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt TeacherMark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher



Mark L. Sherman 

Quilt Artist- Professional Quilt Instructor- Lecturer



A signed copy of this document must be part of any agreement between Mark L. Sherman, Remarkable Quilt Design Company, and your group. We prefer using this contract, even if you have your own. There may be variances between different contracts and we need your guild/group to follow the information contained in this contract. Please contact us to set preliminary dates and to reserve your spot in Mark’s schedule. However, Mark’s schedule may change without notice until a contract is received. All requested information must be filled out, signed by you, and returned to Mark L Sherman, as soon as your dates are agreed upon to hold your dates. Prices are set upon returning the completed contract to Mark. A signed contract locks in your dates and fees. 

Thank You,
Mark L. Sherman
1929 Warmingfield Drive Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37127

 (954) 647-4578 


Guild/Organization: _____________________________________________                   Guild/Organization Representative: _____________________________________________ 

Street Address: _____________________________________________ 

City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________ 

Contact phone numbers: Cell__________________________________________ 

Alternative Phone_______________________________ 

Contact email: _____________________________________________ 

This Contract is entered into between _______________________ (guild or organization) and Mark L. Sherman. 

Lecture: Date: _______________ Time:_____________ 

Lecture Location and Address: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 


Workshop 1: Date: ____________Time:_____________ 

Workshop: _____________________________________________ 

Location and Address______________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 

Workshop 2: Date: _______________ Time:__________ Workshop:____________________________________ 

Location and Address______________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 

Mark is responsible for sending any necessary supply lists for classes/workshops. Many of Mark’s classes require a kit fee. I do this as a convenience to my students. Please see my website for specific fees. Many class requirement lists are available under their class descriptions at http://www.remarkablequilts.com A sample of the class will be sent to the representative along with other materials needed for advertising the class. 


1.My lecture features my actual quilts, not slides. I need one (1) hour before the event to set everything up. 

2. I will need two "holders" and two "folders" to handle quilts and a table to lay quilts on. I prefer to show REAL QUILTS instead of a computer power point show. I also require three eight foot tables (or four 6 foot tables) for display of my hand dyed fabrics and other goods I make available. 

Fees through Dec 31, 2020 for Quilt Guilds (fees are locked for your group once we have a signed contract). These fees are per group and only for Quilt Guild in the US. For private groups/shows/conventions and international, please contact us directly at remarkablequilts@gmail.com

One Workshop + One Trunk Show/Lecture: $1,000 (plus expenses, see below) 

Two Workshops + One Trunk Show/Lecture: $1,200 (plus expenses, see below) 

One Workshop: $750 (plus expenses, see below) 

One Trunkshow/Lecture ONLY: $750 (plus expenses, see below) 


Other Expenses 

Flat Rate Mileage Fee: 

I prefer to drive to your event whenever possible. 0 – 500 miles $200.00
Over 500 miles $300.00
Hotel Lodging: 

Locations farther than 100 miles from Murfreesboro, Tennessee require hotel lodging. I prefer a king or queen room in a reasonable hotel of your choice (i.e. Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, La Quinta) I am happy to piggy-back visits with other guilds in your area. Please contact guilds within your area to see if there are any that are willing to share expenses 

Fees for all workshops are based on a class load of up to 25 students. If you have more than 25 students, there is an additional fee of $25.00 for each student over 25. Maximum number of students for the guilds: 40. Mark will teach more students for shows/conventions, if this is your case, please contact us at remarkablequilts@gmail.com. A receipt will be provided with invoice to your guild.  


Lectures and Workshops can be combined for consecutive days. Please contact Mark for details.  

If your guild/group is within 100 miles of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, no lodging will be required, except in the event of bad weather. 

For long distance trunk shows and workshops requiring airfare from Nashville, guilds are responsible for reimbursement of the purchased ticket as soon as tickets are purchased. A receipt will be provided to your guild for reimbursement. Guilds are also responsible for other expenses such as fees for checked baggage.  

• Please note that travel may occur the day BEFORE my visit to your guild, and your guild will be responsible for my lodgings for that night. This is to ensure that both the trunk show bags and I arrive in time for your guild's meeting. Traveling can be exhausting and it is difficult to give a lecture/trunk show or class the same evening after traveling all day to get to you. Please plan on an extra day where necessary.  

If you are "piggy-backing" with another guild, your guild may be responsible for picking up the lodging for the nights between you and the guild you are "piggy backing".  


If my trunk show needs to be shipped to your location (only if I have to fly to you), the guild is responsible for all shipping expenses in getting the quilts to your location, and in returning them back to me in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  

If for any reason the guild or organization needs to cancel this contract prior to 6 months before the contracted dates, there will be no cancellation fee.  

If the guild cancels within 6 months of the contracted dates, the guild will be responsible for paying a $100.00 cancellation fee.  

If there are conditions beyond our control (blizzard, hurricane, death in the family, etc.) the contract may be terminated without a penalty payment assessed by either party.  

A rescheduling of the program may be an option. Life happens! Weddings, births, marriages, deaths, scheduling conflicts. I will do my best to keep my contract dates, but will give you at least a 6-month heads-up if I need to re-schedule my visit for any reason.  

If this contract meets with your approval, please sign and return two copies of this contract to Mark L. Sherman along with a self- addressed stamped 


envelope. You can also scan it and send it via email: remarkablequilts@gmail.com; I will keep one copy for my records, sign your copy and return it to you for your records. I will also send you a sample of the class/classes scheduled that you can use to advertise the event. Samples will be sent at least six (6) months prior to the event, not before and should be returned the day of the event. Please feel free to call or email me at the number listed above if you have any questions or need further clarification of this contract. I am eagerly anticipating visiting with your guild and wish to make it a REMARKABLE, inspirational, uplifting experience for all. 

For the Love of Quilting, 




Guild Representative 


Mark L Sherman _____________________________________________