Mark L. Sherman

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher

Mark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt TeacherMark L. Sherman Quilt Aritst - Lecturer - Author - Quilt Teacher




I have had a passion for applique since the day that I started quilting. In the beginning I used a fusible method but I did not like the fact that the appliques were stiff and difficult to quilt. The only other option was hand applique. I took a class in hand applique class from a nationwide expert but with my very large hands I saw this as something almost impossible.

Necessity being the mother of invention I came up with my method of applique and have used it ever since for all of my prize winning quilts. The stitches are perfect. The applique edges are turned. I make perfect points and perfect circles. A hundred years from now my appliques will still hold up and still be looking Remarkable.

I have designed a Remarkable butterfly pattern for my students which will be part of a mandatory kit with the cost of $50.00. I will be collecting this fee the morning of the class. The kit includes the most essential thing you need to do the appliques. There are additional products that I use, which you will be welcome to borrow and try out from me. If you like these additional products you may want to purchase your own.

Remarkable Hand Applique By Machine Kit (Mandatory) $50.00

Remarkable Stabilzer (10 sheets)

Custom Butterfly Pattern


Robert Kaufman Jet Black Fabric

glue bottle with micro tip

Bohin Glue Pen

Superior Monofilament Thread

Colver Chacopen

What to Expect from The Instructor

There will be plenty of hands on attention, making sure that you know what you are doing and that you will be able to continue to do this once you get home on your own. I love my method of doing applique and I want you to love it too!

I have designed a special applique shape which you will need to master before you move on to a project. For this you need to show up to class with six scraps of fabric (6” X 8”) to practice with. You may want to take notes as you see the demonstrations so please bring paper and a pen. I taught my 85 year old mother how to do these appliques and she went home to California and made a table runner. There is a tiny learning curve so come with an open mind and willing to work.  

Student Supply List

6 Scraps of Fabric (6” X 8”) for practice

Elmer’s Washable School Glue Stick 1.4 oz. Disappearing Purple

Elmer’s Washable School Glue Stick 0.21 oz Disappearing Purple

Small Sharp Pointed Scissors

Large Pair of Scissors

 Cotton Thread (50 wt.) to match your practice background fabric


Remarkable Faux Applique (Maximum Students 25 limit)

Two Full Day Class (9am to 4pm) or

Abbreviated Version: One Full Day (9am to 4pm)

Imagine this, you are standing by your prize winning quilt at a national quilt show. People are gathering around and commenting on your quilt. They are unaware that you are standing there with them. Suddenly, someone comments, “I wonder how he made all of those perfect little appliques?” What would you do? Speak up and tell the truth or stay silent and let them think that you are a master at turned edge applique.

This exact scenario repeated itself many times for me, and of course the teacher in me always spoke up and told the truth. The truth is, my method for doing faux applique would fool anyone.

In this class, you will learn to apply silk inks to PFD cotton white fabric in such a way that you can actually mimic using hand dyed fabric. Your painted fabric will be soft, pliable and the sky is the limit what you can do with this in the future. Maybe that photograph, that you have been saving, wondering how you could translate it into a quilt, will actually come to life.

I will also teach you my ground breaking method for applying 22K gold leaf to fabric and getting it to stay.

Once your painting is finished we will heat set the paint to the fabric. If your group has the time, I would like to follow this class with my Remarkable Machine Trapunto class which is the next step in my process. We would need two full days of class time ( 9am to 4pm ) to accomplish the two classes. If your guild does not have the budget or time for two classes I have an abbreviated version of this class that I will do in one day.

The result, well look at the picture and decide for yourself. Is it applique or is it paint?

What To Expect From This Class

You will learn my process for creating the look of real appliques, using paints. I will teach you how to apply the paint, how to apply 22K gold leaf to fabric, how I quilt this project and if you choose the two day version of this class, how you will use Remarkable Machine Trapunto and quilting to make the whole painting come to life. There is mandatory kit fee of $45.00 which will include everything you need to learn to paint. Please refer to my Remarkable Machine Trapunto page if you choose the Two Day version of this Remarkable Faux Applique class.

Remarkable Faux Applique Kit (Mandatory) $45.00

Original Remarkable Pattern

1/3 yard PFD Fabric

1/3 yard totally stable

Sharpie extra fine marker

Cotton Rag 

Paint Tray

Fantastix (six pack)

Unlimited Use of 36 colors of silk ink to complete your project

Note: Everything you need to do the painting is supplied in this kit. Please do not be intimidated. You do not need fine art experience. I will teach you what you need to know and you will have a lot of fun in the process.

Instructor Will Provide

Magic Sizing

Ironing surface



Silk Ink ( Mark will also make these inks available to you for sale )

Program Chairperson NOTE: If you choose the two day version of this class then please refer to the supply list and class description for Remarkable Machine Trapunto as well.


Just imagine turning your quilt into a 3D piece of art. Quilting is the only art form that can do this from within. Weather you are a brand new quilter or someone who is experienced this class is perfect for both. I take all of the fear out of quilting using an open toe walking foot and your own home sewing machine. No free motion quilting experience is necessary. Once you see how easy my method is you will use it over and over again to impress family, friends or possibly even judges in a quilt show! There is a mandatory kit fee of $45.00 which includes all of those hard to find items. Included in the kit is a special pair of scissors that you will need to trim your wool. These scissors are made in Italy and come with a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening.

What To Expect From The Instructor

I have taught this class hundreds of times to thousands of students. I have never had anyone that was unable to do this technique once they have taken the class. I give you as much individual attention as you require to learn the technique starting with helping you to select one of my beautiful hand dyed fat quarters, if you so choose. I teach this class in a “learn at your own pace” style. The class is taught in 4 hours however if we have left over time I will teach you what I call “Remarkable Tips” which covers most everything I do in a succinct timeframe. This is a very popular part of the class so I encourage the students to listen well and learn what they need to about trapunto so we can learn Remarkable Tips as well.

What I Expect From The Students

You need to show up with a full size sewing machine that is good working order. I do not want to waste your valuable teaching time working on your sewing machine. I ask to bring an open toe walking foot. If you do not have one of those for your particular sewing machine than I highly suggest you get one prior to the class. If you choose to bring your own fabric for the class I ask to bring a fabric with no printed designs and as solid of a color as possible. Medium blue will be a hard color to work with.

Students Supply List

Full size sewing machine in good working order

Open toe walking foot

2 solid colored fat quarters ( No Prints Please! ) You may choose to select two of my remarkable hand dyed fat quarters @ $5.00 each

General Sewing Supplies

Instructor Will Provide

505 Temporary Adhesive

Professional steam iron and ironing board

Magic Sizing

Commercial Quality Safety Pins

Bohin Chalk pencils

Light Boxes


What I discovered over the years is that hand dyed fabric and stained glass have so much in common. Beautiful colors, striations and mottling are present in both. This makes it so easy to create stained glass quilts using fabric. I suggest you look at my quilt Wisteria, part of the permanent collection of The National Quilt Museum, as proof of what I am saying. You will be learning the same exact method I used to make this gorgeous quilt. You will hand draw your own pattern using my photograph in this class but at the same time you will learn how you could easily do this same thing using your very own photo. You will create a piece of art for hanging on your wall at home that you can be proud of. I will give you a choice of completing your project in whichever method of applique you would like to use. Obviously I hope you will choose my Remarkable Hand Applique By Machine method. This class includes a demonstration of how I make my appliques. There is a mandatory $45.00 kit fee for this class which will include everything you need to make your own remarkable stained glass pattern.

What To Expect From The Instructor

I will be giving you a lot of personal attention in this class. I want to be sure that the pattern that you make is doable in applique so I will check and recheck your work to make sure that you are on the right track.

What I Expect From The Students 

I expect you to arrive to class well rested and ready to learn. All levels of quilters should be able to learn how to make a stained glass quilt pattern and quilt.

Students Supply List

Light box ( I have two available for loan on a first come first served basis.)               Bohin White Chalk Pencil ( I have these available for sale if you choose) 

Large Scissors 

General sewing supplies

Instructor Will Provide For Use

Professional Steam Iron

Ironing Board

Magic Sizing

Remarkable Rope Basket and Wallhanging, Remarkable Hexi's, Remarkable Strip Pieced Quilts