Maximum Students 25 limit.

Two Full Day Class (9am to 4pm) or abbreviated Version:  One Full Day (9am to 4pm)

Imagine this, you are standing by your prize winning quilt at a national quilt show. People are gathering around and commenting on your quilt. They are unaware that you are standing there with them. Suddenly, someone comments, “I wonder how he made all of those perfect little appliqués?” What would you do? Speak up and tell the truth or stay silent and let them think that you are a master at turned edge appliqué.

This exact scenario repeated itself many times for me, and of course the teacher in me always spoke up and told the truth. The truth is, my method for doing faux appliqué would fool anyone.

In this class, you will learn to apply paints to PFD cotton white fabric in such a way that you can actually mimic using hand dyed fabric. Your painted fabric will be soft, pliable and the sky is the limit what you can do with this in the future. Maybe that photograph, that you have been saving, wondering how you could translate it into a quilt, will actually come to life.

I will also teach you my ground breaking method for applying 22K gold leaf to fabric and getting it to stay.

Once your painting is finished we will heat set the paint to the fabric. If your group has the time, I would like to follow this class with my Remarkable Machine Trapunto class which is the next step in my process. We would need two full days of class time ( 9am to 4pm ) to accomplish the two classes. If your guild does not have the budget or time for two classes I have an abbreviated version of this class that I will do in one day. There is a mandatory kit fee of $45.00 which includes all of those hard to find items. 

The result, well look at the picture and decide for yourself. Is it appliqué or is it paint?

Remarkable Faux Applique

What to Expect from this class?

You will learn my process for creating the look of real appliqués, using paints. I will teach you how to apply the paint, how to apply 22K gold leaf to fabric, how I quilt this project and if you choose the two day version of this class, how you will use Remarkable Machine Trapunto and quilting to make the whole painting come to life. There is mandatory kit fee of $45.00 which will include everything you need to learn to paint. Please refer to my Remarkable Machine Trapunto page if you choose the Two Day version of this Remarkable Faux Appliqué class. Download the supply list by clicking Here before showing up to class.

Want to schedule this class for your group? Then download Mark Sherman’s contract in the link below. Ask about availability.

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